Tuition Payment Options

Financial Support for Students Pursuing Sales Education

Need help covering the cost of tuition? We’re here to help.

We partner with leading financial firms to offer tuition payment options for our students.

Loan Financing With Ascent

Once you have decided on your sales program, you can preview your loan options upfront and find the right loan option for your needs. Whether you want to pay your loan off as fast as possible, pay nothing while you’re studying and for 3 months after or you need funds for the cost of living while you study, Ascent offers flexible loan options tailored to your needs.

Flexible Payment Options

Deferred Payment

Make no payments in school and for three months after.

Interest-Only Repayment

Make small interest-only payments in school and for three months after.

Immediate Repayment

Make full payments beginning about one month after your program starts.

Income Share Agreements With Meratas

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a contract between a student and their school, skills training program, or lender, where in exchange for educational financing, the student agrees to share a fixed percentage of their post-graduation, pre-tax earnings over a set period of time.

When Do ISA Obligations End?

ISA Obligations end when you:

Since the amount repaid is tied to income, payments remain manageable despite unforeseen changes to your earnings. ISAs include a “Floor” and “Cap”.

Repayments are suspended when earning less than the Floor, and total payments will never exceed the Cap. Click here to learn more from Meratas.

Cash Pay Discounts

Students who pay tuition in full by cash, ACH, or credit card seven or more days before the start of class are eligible to receive a 20% discount on their tuition.

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