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Have Questions Regarding UMBC’S Tech Sales Program? We Have Answers.

Nope! Our Technology Sales Program will teach you what you need to know. The first 6 weeks of our 13 week program will give you a thorough look at all things Internet, alongside major technologies, applications, and protocols for today’s Global Digital Economy. Whether you’re new to sales, tech, or both, we’ll teach you every step of the way.
Our program is a real-world example of how those that study sales receive more job offers and succeed sooner. While we can’t guarantee you a job, we CAN guarantee that you’ll be positioned perfectly to accelerate your sales career. The Technology industry is the future, and Tech Sales jobs are among the most highly demanded jobs nationally.
YES! We are beyond excited to help each and every student with their career journey after graduation. First, our Personal Branding module will help you communicate your strengths and put your best foot forward when seeking employment. Next, we have an Employer Portal Sales Profile that hiring managers can view and auto-match for roles in their company. All of your coursework is included in this as well!
Yes! Whether you are working full or part time, you will be able to manage your time and assignments. Make sure to create a plan of action for your sales class to schedule your in-person and independent work according to your working hours.

For 12 weeks, you will join your classmates in a live, virtual classroom 3 times a week for 2-hour long classes.  Each week you will also receive 4-6 hours of assignments that require work outside of class.

Yes. You should plan for 4-6 hours of independent work. Your Certified Instructors have virtual office hours to support you when you are not in class. You’ll be asked to take an online sales aptitude assessment by Chally, and, with the results you are sent, write a reflection paper. The Personal Branding modules require learners to take time to study job descriptions, hard and soft skills, and companies for whom they want to work, conducting research, creating drip campaigns, preparing needs assessment questions, writing and practicing a business proposal, and other key assignments will also require a commitment of time and energy.

This is a synchronous course taught live by Certified Instructors. In order to get the most out of the program, you must fully commit to classroom training and attend all scheduled course days. Here’s a more detailed look at the attendance policy:

  • Attendance accounts for 5% of your overall course grade. A student must attend 85% of classes.
  • It is assumed if a student misses class time they are using their best judgment and absent for an important reason. To that end, we do not ask for explanations. The attendance policy is meant to reward good attendance and discourage poor attendance.
  • Attendance is recorded daily, and it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their presence is accounted for in every class. Punctuality is expected of all students.
  • Students may apply for an extenuating circumstance waiver if they believe they are justified in not meeting the 85% attendance requirement due to extenuating circumstances. The application must be in writing to their program coordinator within twenty-four (24) hours of the missed class session. Applications will be reviewed by the program director and the student will be notified of their decision.
  • Veterans and dependents using VA Educational Benefits must meet an attendance level of 85% per class to remain in good academic standing according to the Maryland Higher Education Commission/Department of Veterans Affairs. UMBC Training Centers reports student attendance data as required by law.
  • Chronic lateness and/or absence may be subject to additional disciplinary action including probation or dismissal.
  • YES! If you are a service member, either active or retired, GI Bill and other government funding can be applied.
  • The Technology Sales Program is also eligible for tuition assistance from multiple sources. Applying is simple and, in most cases, requires only a soft credit check. Whether you want to pay the loan off as fast as possible, pay nothing while they’re studying and for 3 months after or they need funds for the cost of living while they study, Ascent (formerly Skills Fund) flexible loan options tailored to your needs. Click here to apply.
  • Upon passing this course at 75% or greater, a digital badge will be issued to you. The badge issued through Acclaim is a digital representation of the learning outcomes, experiences or competencies you gained in the class, and it is proof of the Credit Hours you completed. The Acclaim platform also offers you the ability to produce a consolidated, competency-based transcript. Transcripts include records of professional and academic credentials that can be easily shared digitally.
  • You can now share your official Transcript directly with registrars via Credly’s Acclaim platform. Sending an official transcript via Credly’s Acclaim platform is immediate and saves transaction time. Official transcripts are digital and machine-readable by college admissions systems, recruiting, and talent management systems.

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