Sales and the Art of Persuasion

Sales Basics



Sales and the Art of Persuasion



Live Online Classes

Classes begin February 21st
6 Zoom Classes

2/21, 2/23, 2/28, 3/7, 3/23, 3/30

Who Should Consider This Program

The Sales and the Art of Persuasion course is designed for participants with a demonstrated commitment to learning and a strong interest in undertaking a career in sales.

The course helps you strengthen your skills in:

  • Consultative selling
  • Value selling
  • Negotiation

What To Expect

The UMBC Training Centers program taught through Virtanza is the only real-world, practical art of persuasion class that is linked directly to employers. Students explore sales and learn sales skill applications through real-world employer role-play simulations. Students will learn the Virtanza 4-step sales process: (1) research, (2) prospecting, (3) needs assessment, and (4) proposal/close. Students also learn networking and communication skills to become successful in a professional sales role and adjacent roles. Further, students will learn to assess their sales aptitude, competencies, and strengths to position their skills effectively for the employment market. They are placed on a career pathway toward high-level roles in sales consulting, adjacent sales roles (such as sales operations, recruiting, legal, business management, project management, fundraising, admissions), sales management, and executive sales.

The Virtanza Sales Process is designed to make you successful in broad-based, consultative sales of products and services.

Tuition: $2,850

Learning Outcomes​

Sales Basics​

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Virtanza sales method.
  • Utilize customer networking tools, including LinkedIn, Groove, Google, website data, and social media to determine best prospects and insights about customers and potential opportunities, learning the synergistic impact of sales enablement tools.
  • Analyze pertinent customer needs and create the appropriate solution and persuasive presentation aligned with customer needs, goals, and objectives.
  • Communicate networking and sales competencies as they relate to their career pathway.

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