Sales Management II:
Chief Revenue Officer Master Class

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Sales Management II: Chief Revenue Officer Master Class



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Who Should Consider This Program

Sales Management II is designed for sales managers with a interested in taking the next step in their sales career.

What To Expect

Students develop his/her executive voice with Sales Management II. Sales Management II introduces higher-level data skills to forecast revenue, identify upcoming challenges, manage rep performance, communicate revenue news to different audiences, and get revenue back on track for goal achievement.

Students start by developing or updating a company’s go-to-market strategy and identifying a compelling problem/opportunity from a current, relevant situation faced by managers enrolled in the course or a prepared case study. Through detailed case study simulations and role-play assignments, students practice various forecasting methods and learn how to build, communicate, and execute realistic gap plans that build the manager’s credibility and earn the confidence of the sales team and senior management.

The main course deliverable—a capstone project paper and verbal presentation of sales plan recommendations—will demonstrate mastery of market and product knowledge, forecasting, gap analysis and mitigation, and optimal coaching and collaboration for sales performance.

Tuition: $4,500

The Sales Management II course is recommended for three Graduate level credits by the American Council on Education.

Learning Outcomes​

Become an Executive

  • Research and develop a comprehensive go-to-market plan.
  • Analyze and assess strategic alliances.
  • Evaluate the organization’s sales cycle, including average time per stage and close rates.
  • Forecast revenue and predict revenue disruption.
  • Calculate and mitigate revenue gaps.
  • Evaluate employee performance. Plan for employee growth and development.
  • Model the executive voice in managing conflict and communicating.

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